How can JPhotoTagger present the GUI in a different language?

The default language of JPhotoTagger is German. During startup JPhotoTagger searches for the language used by the operating system and takes it, if that language is supported. The supported languages are listed on the Homepage, section Languages. In September 2011 that are English and German.

If you speak German or English and have time, you can support JPhotoTagger: The language strings are stored in text files separated from the program code. You can add another language to JPhotoTagger, see "Translate JPhotoTagger into another language".

If the operating system is set up with an unsupported language, JPhotoTagger uses it's default: German. But you can start JPhotoTagger in any supported language, e.g. if you don't speak German but another supported language that is not your native. Go to the installation directory – the directory with the file JPhotoTagger.jar and invoke JPhotoTagger from the command line with:

java -Xms30m -Xmx750m -Duser.language=en -jar JPhotoTagger.jar

The important part is -Duser.language=en, the en means: Use English. Supported language shortcuts (ISO language codes):


You can write a batch file (script) with that line and start JPhotoTagger via that batch file. Under Windows you may prefer (does not display a separate command window):

start javaw -Xms30m -Xmx750m -Duser.language=en -jar JPhotoTagger.jar

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Status of this document: 2011-09-26