Open JPhotoTagger's database with LibreOffice/OpenOffice Base

You can open JPhotoTagger's database with LibreOffice Base or with OpenOffice Base. If you do this, ensure that JPhotoTagger does not run and that the database is opened only once per time, i.e. do not start JPhotoTagger, if the database is opened in Base or do not open it twice with Base!

Add HSQL DB driver

Base also uses HSQL DB (like JPhotoTagger), but I had always to add it and it may use a different incompatible version. I translated the menu items/labels from German into English, so the names may not be correct; if you are using OpenOffice, replace LibreOffice with OpenOffice:

  1. Menu Extras > Options > LibreOffice > Java
  2. Class Path > Add Archives
  3. Select from JPhotoTagger's installation directory, subdirectory lib the file hsqldb.jar

Locate JPhotoTagger's database

In JPhotoTagger select File > Database > Info. At the bottom of the dialog, the location of the database will be displayed. The directory of the location is is part of the JDBC URL, see below.

Create new Database within LibreOffice/OpenOffice

  1. Start LibreOffice Base
  2. In Choose Database select Connect with existing database
  3. Type: JDBC
  4. Dabase URL is jdbc:hsqldb:file:directory_of_database/database;shutdown=true, e.g. jdbc:hsqldb:file:/home/elmar/.de.elmar_baumann/ImageMetaDataViewer/database;shutdown=true under Linux or jdbc:hsqldb:file:C:\users\elmar\.de.elmar_baumann\ImageMetaDataViewer\database;shutdown=true under Windows
  5. JDBC Driver Class: org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver (Apply Test Button, it should not display an error message)
  6. The save dialog creates a file for opening via double click

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Status of this document: 2013-01-13