Action Scripts

Actions scripts are shell scripts or batch files, written by advanced computer users with a plain text editor, e.g. Notepad, and available in JPhotoTagger, when added through the menu item Window > Actions.

If you are not firm with batch files, scripts, the commands used in the scripts, what they are doing, please skip this page or use it carefully. Apart from that, you may find here some useful hints for your own scripts.

Beside calling these scripts through Window > Actions > Run, JPhotoTagger can execute them after adding metadata into it's database through Edit > Settings > 7. Actions.

Embedding Tags into images

This Windows Batch file uses ExifTool to embed the tags into an image. The original image file will be overwritten! Thanks to Matthias Vonken.

set IMAGE=%1
for %%i in (%IMAGE%) DO set PATH=%%~dpni
<Path to Exiftool>\exiftool.exe -tagsfromfile %PATH%.xmp -all:all -r -overwrite_original %IMAGE%

Write EXIF orientation tag into Panasonic RAW files

The following Windows batch files, written by Matthias Vonken, using Exiv2:

Left rotation tag:

<Path to Exiv2>\exiv2.exe -k -M"set Exif.Image.Orientation 8" -M"set Exif.Panasonic.Rotation 8" -M"set Exif.Thumbnail.Orientation 8" %1

Right rotation tag:

<Path to Exiv2>\exiv2.exe -k -M"set Exif.Image.Orientation 6" -M"set Exif.Panasonic.Rotation 6" -M"set Exif.Thumbnail.Orientation 6" %1

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Status of this document: 2012-11-15