Debugging JPhotoTagger

If the cause of a bug can't be found through JPhotoTagger's log files and/or is computer specific, debugging on the affected system is the best option to find and fix it. If you don't have Java developing skills, contact me, if you have downloaded and installed the software listed below. If I have time, I can debug JPhotoTagger through a TeamViewer session. Debugging requires three free software packages and JPhotoTagger's source code installed in that order:

  1. Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.7 (7) or higher, downloadable from Oracle. Click on a download link for a JDK with version 7 or higher.
  2. Mercurial to get JPhotoTagger's source code.
  3. NetBeans IDE. The Java SE bundle has all you need.

After installing the programs listed obove, you can obtain JPhotoTagger's source code from Git Hub e.g. as a ZIP file.

In NetBeans choose File > Open Project and open the Program project. Ensure, that the check box Open required Projects is checked.

In the left Projects window within the NetBeans IDE, a right click on the Program project opens a context menu, from which you can choose Debug.

Author: Elmar Baumann
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Status of this document: 2014-06-03